Why Do We Use Toothpaste

Why Do We Use Toothpaste. What else can fluoride toothpastes do? Toothpaste on pimples may do more harm than good.

The dangers of fluoride toothpaste. - PERSONAL HYGIENE
The dangers of fluoride toothpaste. – PERSONAL HYGIENE (Mark Morrison)

If breakouts persist, consult a dermatologist. It's cheaper and equally effective, if not more so! It whitens, brightens, cleans your teeth and tongue but did you know it has many other uses?

The recommendations are smaller for children because there's concern they may swallow some toothpaste, and in extreme cases, they can experience fluorosis, brown spots on the teeth from too much fluoride.

Here's How Much Toothpaste You Should Actually Use.

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Toothpaste wasn't designed to be put on the skin, and the ingredients in it aren't meant to control acne-causing bacteria. Keep reading to learn why toothpaste doesn't belong on your skin. So why is there so much toothpaste around?

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