2 Door Charger Concept

2 Door Charger Concept. WildBillTX had mentioned this previously in an earlier thread. I'm sure it's probably just one of the several mock-ups prior to DCX's official concept release, then again, it might even be one of the initial 'Charger' concepts.

2 Door Charger Concept
2 Door Charger & 2 Door Charger 2016 Charger 2 Door Coupe (Nathan Doyle)

They manage the flow of electricity from the grid to the battery. The original Charger had two doors; the concept Charger has four. Furthermore, subsequent that period from a well-known nameplate is planning to yet again characteristic completely changed usually the alternative.

However, they changed their minds after considering that a four-door sedan is what the market really wants.

Early sketches applied only two doors, but Chrysler officials changed course Second-gen Chargers had two vestigial scoops stamped into the hood; the new one has a functional scoop at the edge of the hood close to the front.

1999 Dodge Charger R/T

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1999 Dodge Charger R/T

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The Charger shared the front sheet metal with the Coronet but got an 'electric shaver' grille with rotating headlights and full width tail light. They manage the flow of electricity from the grid to the battery. Come check out all the different pictures and details about this Dodge Charger Concept and so much more.