Razer Headphones Not Detected

Razer Headphones Not Detected. Try a different USB port on your computer. The Razer Kraken headset is a pair of headphones designed for gaming.

Razer Headphones Not Detected
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Weird thing started happening to my phone: when I plug in a pair of headphones (with or without mic) the phone does not detect that they are plugged in! My computer detects headset connected directly to motherboard with jacks. My thought was that the headset may be being detected as a speaker or headphones only instead of that plus mic.

Change Default Playback Device to Realtek Audio.

Now Surround doesnt see any device connected and I cant set my audio to let my.

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However users of the Razer Microphone have reported that games and other applications such as Skype causes errors for the mic. When your Razer Kraken is not working on your PC, check if the sound settings are correct. Why is my headset not working?