Flat Roof Joist Hangers

Flat Roof Joist Hangers. Here are some angled joist hangers for your roof pitch that have a bit more style. I-Joist Hangers for Flat or Angled Framing Between Walls Rather than On Top of Walls.

Joist Hangers | Roof Joist | Travis Perkins
Joist Hangers | Roof Joist | Travis Perkins (Logan Russell)

Roof shapes differ greatly from region to region. Select the right sized hanger for the joists you're installing. They also prevent the risk of damp penetration to the ends of the timbers.

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These joist hangers have an inside flange so that you can mount them in tight spaces or if you just like the look of them.


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The most important thing to remember is Place a joist hanger underneath the joist with the big U-shape facing upward and the flat flanges. When using hangers with tabs, bend the flange tabs over and nail to the TJIĀ® joist bottom flange. Overtapering joists to fit beneath roofs creates inade-quate joist depth at the plate.

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